A British mother was left horrified when the cake she ordered for her son’s engagement arrived looking like two large babybel cheeses. 

Kathy from London shared the inedible cake in a Facebook group, writing: “So I ordered a lovely engagement cake… but [the baker] delivered this ‘boil cake’ as she decided it would be more fitting for the occasion. Thanks for refusing me a refund and ruining a surprise engagement.”


The woman reportedly shared an image of the cake she envisaged for inspiration, which is covered in love hearts and a portrait of a man getting down on one knee.

Unfortunately, the finished product looked nothing like this.


“[The baker] advertised that she was a hobby baker and was thinking of turning pro,” Kathy explained.


“Her ad [on Facebook] said she charges cost of ingredients only (for portfolio)… I thought I would give a new local business a go, big mistake.”

Thankfully, most people in the Facebook group saw the funny side of it, with one writing: “Looks like someone has made a sculpture of a Strepsil on somebody’s tongue.”

Another wrote, “I’m all for organ donation, but this is a whole new level.”

There’s no way Kathy will be forgetting this engagement anytime soon!

Fingers crossed she gets a refund.

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