When it comes to interesting chocolate cross-overs, the guys at Whittaker’s know how to get us sitting up and paying attention.

So far, they’ve brought us those delicious Coconut Blocks, Jelly Tip Blocks and our absolute favourite (because we’re kids deep down) Hundreds & Thousands Blocks.

But this might just be their craziest concoction yet.

The Kiwi chocolatiers are dishing up two specialty blocks just for Mother’s Day, and we’re not exactly sure what we think of at least one of these.

The first of the two special Mother’s Day blocks is Strawberries and Waffles, which makes sense. White chocolate with strawberries and crunchy waffle pieces, sounds lovely.

However, their second Mother’s Day block is raising a few eyebrows. A Carrot Cake chocolate block…

I mean, carrot cake’s fine, but how would a whole block of carrot cake chocolate taste?


According to Whittaker’s it’s a white chocolate block with chewy apricot pieces and pecans.

At the moment, it looks like Whittaker’s are keeping the chocolates on their side of the Tasman, however, people have reported luck finding these bad boys at specialty lolly shops and food importers.

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