Chocolate makes the world go round. Since the first chocolate was consumed in 1900 BC, the world’s favourite sweet treat has become a staple for a number of occasions and celebrations – but which chocolate flavour works best for certain occasions?

To help define the gamut of chocolate-eating, Cadbury Dairy Milk has provided a series of suggestions on choosing the perfect chocolate for popular occasions.


First date: Whether it’s a romantic picnic, a romcom at the cinema or a candle-lit dinner at home, choosing the perfect chocolate for that nerve-wracking first date is the ideal way to your partner’s heart. Choose a chocolate with a hint of fruit – like Fruit & Nut, Snack or Cherry Ripe. These provide a rich, luxurious flavour that is sweet without going too far and are bound to leave a mark on your prospective partner.

Meeting the in-laws: When meeting the in-laws for the first, second or even hundredth time, never turn up empty-handed! The pairing of milk chocolate and nuts is a winning combination when it comes to trying to impress. Roast Almond or Hazelnut says you’re sweet, with the added bonus of maturity and sophistication and a little bit of bite – the ideal choice if trying to impress someone you may find intimidating!

Job interview: Nothing makes your stomach churn and knees shake as much as a job interview! Before your next interview have a square or two of Peppermint to give yourself a boost with a fresh breath. Just don’t forget to check your teeth for residual chocolate!

Breakups: The perfect remedy to post-breakup woes are a few hours of crying into a pillow, the comforting words of a good friend and a whole block of chocolate. When choosing the perfect chocolate to accompany a breakup, choose something with an extra burst of sweetness, like Caramello, Crackle or Crunchie, whose gooey centres are the best antidote to letting your emotions run riot.


Car trips: More often than not, long car trips with the family is either filled with arguments, tantrums and tears, or hours upon hours of dull stretches of road that seem to go on well into the horizon. If embarking on a long car trip, pack a chocolate that gives you something different with every bite, like Rocky Road, where every mouthful is a little bit sweet, a little bit nutty and a little bit crunchy, all in the same block.

Bad days: Everybody has bad days now and then and the perfect remedy to drag you out of the doldrums is chocolate. Whether you keep it under the sink in the kitchen, hidden amongst files at work or stuffed in your bag next to keys and coins, Cadbury Dairy Milk is the chocolate of choice for these moments. Creamy and texturally simple, Cadbury Dairy Milk is a banker for cheering anybody up and is a must-have wherever you go.

Airport layovers: The worst thing about airport layovers is being stuck in the same place between where you come from and where you’re going. Pass the time by people-watching and enjoying chocolate with an international flair, like Black Forest or Turkish Delight, whose sweet centres can transport you from a washed-out, crowded airport to the forests of Germany or temples of Turkey.

Rugged up reading: A cosy blanket and a good book are the perfect match for a cold Winter day, so if you find yourself rugged up on the couch, engrossed in the latest romance or thriller, enjoy another perfect pairing of milk and white chocolate with Top Deck, as you get the best of both chocolate worlds in every bite.

A day at the beach:
For those long, hot summer days spent at the beach, a quiet picnic with family or friends is the best way to fill the interludes between surfing and sunbathing. Enjoy your sandwiches, diced fruit and biscuits, then finish it off with a square of Picnic for your picnic, whose crunchy peanut centre is the ideal treat before an afternoon beach nap.

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