Too much of any type of alcohol can make you want to curl up in bed the next day and never move again.

Hangovers from hell usually bring with them pounding headaches, nausea and The Fear.

Add a lot of wine to the equation and your chances of getting a hangover the next day are almost guaranteed.

But what colour wine gives you the worst hangovers, red, white or rosé?

Turns out red wine plays the villain in this story.

Apparently it’s all the congeners fault.


Congeners give the wine it’s dark colour, these are a toxic byproduct of the fermenting process and when our bodies process them they turn into toxins, causing us to feel a little worse for wear.

Tannins also add to how bad your headache can be the next day and red wine is full of them!

So make sure to eat well before you indulge in a glass (or bottle!) of wine and to drink as much water throughout the night as you can.

Source ABC