In breaking news, we have somehow gone on with our day to day lives without realising we live in the same world as these new Golden Gaytime flavours!

After an extensive investigation, we discovered so many flavours that we missed, including Birthday Cake, Crunchy Nut & Froot Loop.

The Birthday Cake Gaytime is a delicious vanilla birthday cake-flavoured ice cream covered in chocolate and colourful biscuit crumbs.

The Crunchy Nut flavour is the perfect mash-up of Crunchy Nut corn flakes, crispy, peanut, honey flavour biscuit crumbs and the delicious taste of vanilla ice cream.

Finally, the newest (and my personal favourite) flavour is the Froot Loops Golden Gaytime! A multi-coloured ice cream, coated in crushed Froot Loops, caramel crumbs & tastes just like the cereal.

If the rollout of these flavours went over your head as well, don’t stress – you can now buy them from your local supermarkets.

Which flavour is your favourite?

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