What was meant to be an April Fools joke has led to Arnott’s actually having to create a product.

That’s right, the Hawaiian Pizza Shapes you saw in your feed is actually becoming a reality.

In research undertaken, Arnott’s found out that 66 per cent of Aussies love pineapple on their pizza and that now was the time to take action.

Arnott’s marketing manager Shannon Wright said: “Pineapple on pizza is such a controversial topic that although this flavour started in our Market Baker Kitchen, we tested it as a Shapes April Fool’s Day prank on social media.

“Once we saw how Shape fans reacted online, we knew the savoury/sweet/tangy combination of Hawaiian Pizza was an absolute winner. Pineapple fans will have to get their fix while they can as this limited-edition flavour won’t last long.”

The trapezium-shaped biscuits will be available exclusively in Coles nationwide from mid-May RRP from RRP $3.20.

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