A Sydney based fitness coach uploaded a TikTok that has quickly racked up 220.8k views on the platform for her genius re-invention of ‘low calorie’ sour gummy bears!

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth but have already packed on the iso/Christmas weight then this is the thing for you!

You only need four ingredients; jelly, gelatine powder, citric acid and water.

But you’ll need a little silicone bear mould if you want little gummy bears.


Disclaimer: normal lollies are perfectly fine in moderation! These are a great alternative for high volume and low cals. #caloriedeficit #weightloss

♬ … is sweaty – Kellan

You can eat 120 grams of them and they only have 27 calories!!


Game changer for a little cheeky snack.

Combining jelly crystals with gelatine powder then pouring 150mL of boiling water and mixing.

Now she uses a dropper to perfectly place the mixture in the mould, but if you’re not afraid of getting messy I’m sure you can find another way that doesn’t involve buying a dropper.

After the gummies have set, you sprinkle with citric acid for the sour kick and voila!

A few comments also recommend adding ‘tasteless protein powder’ so you can use them to reach your protein goals for the day.

Incredible work from the internet community, love that from us!

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