As soon as we heard about this new cocktail from a restaurant in Sydney, it immediately made us feel super nostalgic.

Remember on a hot summers day as a kid how you’d cool down with a Zooper Dooper ice block from the freezer? You’d always eat the pink ones first and then the blue ones and then the purple ones… and so on and so forth.

We can practically feel the tiny cuts on the sides of our mouths that you’d get from sucking on the plastic right now…

Anyway, we bet you can now guess that the cocktail being served up is a Zooper Dooper cocktail! And they’re the latest offering at cult fav burger joint Milky Lane!

They come in every single colour/flavour and it’s potluck which one you get – so don’t think you can order them out of the pink ones. But TBH that’s okay because they all sound delicious.

“We’ve created a neutral icy blended booze mic that works with WHATEVER flavour you get which you’ll squeeze into the glass yourself,” Milky Lane wrote on Facebook.


“They legit taste like alcoholic Zooper Doopers which is lucky cause it means we hit the mark. Just squeeze it into your drink, watch it change colour and enjoy.”

Thye’ll set you back $18 each and can grab yourself one right now at all Milky Lane restaurants. But you’d better be quick! They’re only here for the rest of December.

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