It’s official. We have run out of ideas as a society.

We thought we might have gotten close to being completely out of ideas when started drinking activated charcoal lattes, but this idea might just be worse.

We present to you: Popcorn Salad.

A video of a TV cook preparing the…creative salad has gone viral online with most people wanting to know exactly what is going on there.

In the video, we see Molly Yeh from the Food Network preparing the popcorn salad, which is exactly what it sounds like. That is, quite a lot of popcorn, some dressing and some veggies.

Actually, if you really want to drill down, the salad has quite a bit going on: popcorn (obviously), sour cream, apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, dijon mustard, celery, onion, green beans, carrots and watercress for “a peppery kick”.


And reading that list, we’re really not sure what to think, it all sounds like a fine tasting salad until you add in that popcorn. Although, according to Molly “the texture of the popcorn in this salad is so weirdly good”.

Of course, the internet is absolutely losing it over the recipe.

“My jaw is still dropped…just so many things wrong with this,” read one tweet in response, with another suggesting that the presenter Molly Yeh should change her name to “Molly Nah”.

Maybe we need to try it…we’re just not holding out hope that it’s going to be anything but very, very weird.