The latest trend taking over TikTok is a weird one!

People are freezing honey and then chowing down on the gooeyness and it’s bizarre but also… fascinating.

For convenience, you pour honey into a water bottle so that, after frozen, you can squeeze a tube of it out of the bottle opening.

If you head to TikTok and check out the #FrozenHoney tag, it’s a good time.

The squeeze out of the bottle is almost an ASMR experience.


Tiktok made me do it! #frozenhoney #frozenhoneytrend #frozenhoneychallenge

♬ Best Hugs – Shelley FKA DRAM


As fun as it seems, TikTokers are now claiming they’re feeling sick after trying the frozen ‘treat’, with reports of diarrhoea, cramping, bloating and nausea!

This could be attributed to the amount of honey being consumed by the kids, honey in small amounts is totally fine (and delicious).

But eating a bottle full of honey contains A LOT of sugar that the body is responding to, especially those that have fructose intolerance.

Think about your teeth people!

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