2020 has definitely been a year to try out new hobbies and one that many have gotten behind is baking. Cakes, cookies… you name it, people have given it a crack! 

Bread was a favourite challenge in many households as well but when it comes to getting all the ingredients together, it can become a hassle for someone who is running short on patience and cash.

Well, we have an answer for you – three-ingredient banana bread!

Using a slow cooker, you can whip a delicious, café style treat with ripe bananas, self-raising flour and condensed milk.

The method first popped up in Slow Cooker Recipes Australia and social media users can’t get enough.

“This recipe is awesome!” one said

“I’ve made this a few times, works out well,” another added.




Five ripe bananas

300 grams self-raising flour

1 tin of condensed milk


  1. Beat all ingredients until combined into a smooth batter
  2. Pour batter into a lined cake tin
  3. Fill the base of the slow cooker with 3cm of water and place the tin inside
  4. Put a tea towel underneath the lid and cook on high for two hours