In a surprising find, a budget chocolate brand has taken on the mantle as Aussies’ favourite choccy.

Aldi’s little-known Choceur range of ‘European’ chocolate has taken the top spot in Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customer Awards.

Like its competitors, the Choceur range is available in a whole bunch of different flavours and fillings from Salted Pretzel to every dad’s favourite: Rum and Raisin.

Aldi sells 200g blocks of the good stuff for just $3 too.

Swiss chocolate brand Lindt took home second place in the awards, while Cadbury were third, Darrell Lea fourth, Nestle fifth and Coles sixth.

The scores were based on a survey of 1000 people, with the Aldi brand racking up five stars in the taste, value for money, packaging and overall satisfaction categories.

The survey also found that Aussies aren’t too adventurous when it comes to picking their choccy block, with 54 per cent of people preferring to go with the classic milk chocolate option.


34 per cent of people surveyed said that dark chocolate was their go-to, while only 9 per cent said that white chocolate was their fave…weirdos!

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