Sometimes buying your food at ALDI is a bit like a game of roulette.

It’s cheap, sure, but you don’t always know exactly how it’s going to go. Sometimes you strike it rich, other times you wonder “what the hell was I thinking buying a German salmon-flavoured soda?”

This cheese, is one of those gold finds where you wonder how and why it’s so cheap, yet so good.

Aldi’s Le Pave cheese has been compared to the popular creamy soft D’Affinois cheese, except it goes for just $6 for 200 grams.

The much-loved cheese is back on the shelves after disappearing from a long time, however, if you want to get your hands on it you might need to be quick, it sold out within a day when it was first released.

The cheese’s re-emergence has been shared on Facebook, with Aldi fans barely able to contain their excitement.

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