It may be cold outside but The Pacific Club can warm you up with their extensive bar and bistro!

They have a pretty bougie sounding menu with small plates like ‘Smoked Cloudy Bay clams, roasted corn and pancetta or perhaps a ‘Wood Fired Spatchcock with Mushroom Sauce?’ as a main?

Nah what you really need is the $1 ‘Appellation Oysters with mignonette’ that they’ll be selling every Wednesday for the rest of July from 5pm – 7pm. 

‘Appellation’ oysters are pretty much the best oysters you can get, hand picked by farmers for their quality. 

The only catch? You HAVE to purchase a drink and you’ll be capped at a dozen oysters.

Buy a drink? Ohhh if we HAVE to…you’re really pulling our arm there.

Make sure you book in advance! 

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