Only so many of us have had to go through hotel quarantine, but we’ve seen the food through the lens of social media. It tastes delicious, but with so many meals to prepare, it doesn’t exactly look like something you’d see on MasterChef.

However, one hotel quarantine guest is putting his skills to good use by creating masterpieces with the food served to him at his accommodation – and it looks too good to eat!

Sam Low, a champion barista from Melbourne is nearing the end of his quarantine stay in Wellington, New Zealand. With a knife and chopsticks, he has let his imagination run wild.

“I’ve always found food preparation and plating incredible therapeutic, a outlet for my creative mind,” he said in an Instagram post.

“This was important for me during my time in hotel quarantine especially when there’s so much negative posts out there with managed isolation blogs and social media posts. I wanted to shed a light and positivity on being grateful and appreciative of what the NZ government is doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”


This almost makes me want to quarantine… almost.


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