There are some ideas that just seem so damn obvious that you’re not sure how on earth you never tried them out yourself.

This is absolutely one of those ideas.

A hot chocolate is one of the absolute best remedies for a cold, winter’s day. But a GOOD hot chocolate is hard to come by and to be honest, that drinking chocolate powder just doesn’t cut it for us on the Hot Choc Meter.

But what if you have a ready-to-go hot chocolate just sitting there in your fridge waiting to be frothed and heated up?

Aussie TikToker @wildphox has tested out the idea that a chocky milk is just a hot chocolate waiting to be warmed.

@wildphoxIt actually works and TASTES SO GOOD #hotchocolate #foodhack #lifehack #fyp #foottok

♬ original sound – Kate


In the video, the TikToker pours Oak chocolate milk into a milk frother and lets it do its business. And we’ve got to say, the result looks pretty damn delicious!

Those in the comments were quick to jump in and share their love for the idea too, with one commenter saying that she will be making this for her daughter ever night. Meanwhile several people labelled the idea “genius” with many asking how they have never thought of this before.

What do you reckon? Does this cut it as a genuine hot chocolate or will it always just be a warmed up chocky milk?

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