If your house is anything like most, then you probably have a tough time pleasing everybody when you venture down the snack aisle at the supermarket.

Like, you’ve got the typical divide between salty and sweet people, sure.

But have you ever given much thought to the divide between those who love lollies as their sweet snack versus those who would just eat an entire block of Cadbury chocolate by themselves?

They’re different types of people, it’s in the DNA.

Well, Pascall might have just solved this life-long conundrum with their latest range of sweets that combine their lolly range with Cadbury chocolate.

The first of the two new products is the brand’s Jelly Gems Bangin’ Berries, which pair berry-flavoured jellies with Cadbury milk chocolate and come in three berry flavours.

The other concoction is pairs Pascall’s marshmallows with salted caramel and dark chocolate, and honestly…these aren’t making it all the way home from the shop without being eaten.


Both of treats will be available from Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independent retailers from mid-June 2021 for $4.

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