Whether you realise it or not, everytime you pick up a particular brand of milk, head straight to a certain supermarket or decide on which fast food chain to grab your hangover cure from, it’s probably because some sneaky subliminal advertising has told you to.

But we really, really didn’t see this one coming: Apparently, the “M” in McDonald’s, those iconic Golden Arches, was purposely designed to entice you in by looking like a pair of boobs.

And not just any boobs, either; according to The Sun, a design consultant and psychologist called Louis Cheskin convinced the company to keep the chest-mimicking shape in the 1960s because it represented “a mother’s nurturing breast”.

That, they figured, would subconsciously make potential customers feel comfortable and at home.

We don’t get it either.


Apparently it all tied in to the company’s slogan at the time, “Give Mum a night off”, which makes it even creepier.

Anyone else feeling like hitting the drive-thru for a milkshake just won’t be the same anymore?

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