We challenge you to find a better biscuit than the humble Tim Tam.

Those malty layers, mixed with the creamy choc filling and chocky coating, we don’t think we’re exaggerating by calling the bicky Australia’s greatest ever accomplishment.

But when it comes to new flavours and varieties are the good people at Arnott’s just messing around with greatness?

We can handle the dark chocolate versions and the double-coat is a must-have, but what about a Tim Tam inspired by a banana pie? Is that taking the Tim Tam way too far out of its comfort zone?

Looks like we’re going to find out because our new Tim Tam flavour is Dark Chocolate Banoffee flavoured, and we’re not sure what to make of that.

And to make matters more…confusing, the Australian public voted to make this our new Tim Tam flavour!

Arnott’s put the Banoffee-flavoured biscuit up against caramelised pineapple in a vote and to be honest, that seem like a bit of a case of Sophie’s choice.


Either way, Australia voted and we’re told that we’re going to see the Dark Chocolate Banoffee Tim Tam on the shelves at Coles very soon.

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