It’s like two of the… maybe five things we Aussie’s can actually claim as having created – the Lamington and the Pavlova (nervously sweats around the New Zealanders.)

The incredible Tokyo Lamington in Sydney are known for their awesome Lamington creations and now they’re releasing a Christmas Gift Pack which includes three limited edition seasonal Lamingtons!

1- Rum & Raisin the boozy Christmas treat you want and deserve.

This bad boy is filled with French rum soaked raisins, folded through whipped vanilla custard and then the whole cube is dipped in white chocolate and coated in toasted coconut….

It’s obscene…


2- Mint Choc Nibs is our Peppermint Christmas fantasy.

This Chocolate Peppermint Lamington contains milk chocolate mousse with peppermint and cacao nibs scattered in.

The lamington is dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in peppermint coconut!

3- The piece de resistance, the Pavlova Lamington is filled with passionfruit curd, raspberry jelly, whipped cream and the heart stopping-ly gorgeous coating of torched Italian meringue.


It’s all over this Christmas if you bring these along to the family dinner.

Pre-orders start right here and they’re definitely going to sell out so make sure you do!