Last week, news dropped that Arnott’s had released a new Gluten-Free range of their biscuits and whoever decided it was time for this is an actual godsend.

The GF versions of biscuits have rolled out in three of their most popular biccies.

The Scotch Finger, the best biscuit that’s ever existed still has the classic buttery, sweet base with a hint of vanilla but is now in a Gluten-Free version.

And it still snaps in half for when you pretend you’re gonna eat the other half later but just guiltily sneak back in 3 minutes to scoff it down.

The Choc Ripple and Tiny Teddy are also dropping in Gluten-Free!

While the Tiny Teddy won’t have the entire flavour range, we get the best flavour – Choc Chip!

These bad boys should be available in Woolies and cost roughly $4.70 a pack.


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