McDonald’s has announced a big change to their paper loyalty card system, which has become a national change in 2019.

To access the ‘buy five, get one free’ deal that is available for coffee purchases, customers will now have to download the MyMacca’s app.

Many customers are not happy about the change, and have voiced their opinions about it on the McDonald’s Facebook page.

“The new coffee rewards system is ridiculous,” said Mel Clarke.

“My mum at 68 doesn’t buy data for her phone so can only use the app reward system with Wi-Fi which half the time isn’t working. And for some unknown reason the four that she got disappeared when we connected yesterday. She would have been up to her free one now but has to start again. This isn’t a reward system for a lot of people anymore.”

“I knew the app wouldn’t work as I’ve had issues before,” said Alistair Rainey.

“I went along with it and yep the app needed updating and I’ve lost the four stamps I had collected. Now I’m back to zero. Think I’ll have to find another coffee shop.”


A McDonald’s spokesperson spoke with about the new system.

“We’re proud to always offer our customers great value regardless of whether they are dining in our restaurants, using our MyMacca’s app, or ordering McDelivery through UberEats,” she said.

The spokeswoman went on to say McDonald’s had received “great feedback from customers on the app and more people than ever before are taking advantage of our coffee loyalty program”.

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