Aldi customers have taken to social media to reveal a little-known checkout rule that people are not aware of.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, it was revealed that ALDI shoppers cannot split payments for their groceries when they are paying by credit or debit card.

“The ALDI POS (Point of Sale) system literally does NOT have the option to pay via two cards,” said one shopper.

“For example, if the operator says total is $100 and you say, “Can I put $40 on this card and $60 on this card please?’ The answer is NO!”

However, Aldi shoppers and staff have said there is a way around the rule, with one saying “Just ask the cashier to stop scanning at a certain amount pay for it they continue with the rest of your products.’’

“I worked there for 13 years and that is what I did if a customer wanted to use two cards.”

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