Can you handle the heat? Well then get ready to add a little spice to your life this weekend!

The annual Chilli Festival is on it’s way back to Sydney in just a couple of days and it’s set to be packed full of heat!

This food fest is not for the weak, with the undercover food pavilion offering up tons of spice filled food samples for you to try.

Although they will try and cater to a variety of tastes, with chilli kicks ranging from mild to ‘XXXtra wild’. (We’re XXXtra sure we don’t want to know what that sort of spice feels like in our mouth, but each to their own!)

If you reckon you’ve got tastebuds of steel, you can also take part in the Seatonfire Chilli Chocolate Challenge going down at 2pm with a $15 entry fee. It’s set to be so scorching hot that you actually have to sign a death waiver to take part. *Gulp*


If you need something to help cool you down after all of the spice, there will also be tons of soothing stalls around like Mr Whippy ice cream and ice cold beers.

The Sydney Chilli Festival is going down this Sunday September 8th at the Albion Hotel in Parramatta. Find more info here!

So grab your bravest friends and family and head on down so what is sure to be a spicy affair!

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