I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Biscoff is to 2021 what Caramilk is to 2020, the latest dessert trend.

But Loaded Ice Creams is doing god’s work and providing both in the form of Choc Tops that can be delivered to your door.

Going to the cinema is out of the question at the moment, amidst the current lockdown in Sydney, so if you’re craving your fave cinema snack then look no further.

Loaded Ice Creams have got some next level ice cream game going on with their current selection which includes;

Caramilk Choc Tops

Biscoff Choc Tops


Ferrero Rocher Cookie Sandwiches

Biscoff Ice Cream Pints

and a tonne more, just head to their website to check out the whole range.

You can order as much ice cream as you want and there won’t be a judgemental lady at checkout eyeing you up.

Loaded Ice Cream will deliver it to your doorstep the very next day!

Happy Eating!



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