After enjoying unseasonally warm weather during autumn, there is no doubt that winter is well and truly here, and one of the best ways to keep warm of course, is to enjoy some yummy food!

And one tasty treat that is making a massive comeback this winter is fondue!

Delicious melted cheese warmed up in a pot while you dip various nibblies into it’s bubbling cheesy goodness first gained popularity back in the 70’s when the Swiss treat made it’s way into popular culture.

And now, Holy Cheesus, the Swissôtel in the Sydney CBD is offering a new fondue experience that has our mouths watering!

At just $29 per person, you can enjoy a hot bowl of melted gruyere and Emmental served with crusty bread and pickles.

You can also add Swedish meatballs, roast potatoes, veggies or beer battered chips, and if you like your cheese a little ‘bighty’ you can also add  extra fourme d’Ambert blue cheese or gorgonzola blue cheese to your pot.


And, for $22 per person, you can also enjoy a chocolate fondue which features a whole pot of melted milk chocolate, with fresh strawberries, marshmallows, waffles and churros to dip in.

Both fondue sets are available for groups of two or more, from Thursday to Sunday from 5.30pm at Sydney Swissotel, and booking is recommended.

Dressing in cheesy (pardon the pun!) 70’s clothes while you dine is up to you!

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