Eating ‘raw fish’ as many westerners used to view sushi, was once considered off-limits, but now with countless Japanese restaurants and chains throughout the world, it is now considered unusual if there isn’t a sushi restaurant in your local neighborhood.

So will this latest left field menu addition to an English chain of sushi restaurants soon become the norm?

Abokado, a sushi chain based in London, is now offering crickets to it’s customers claiming they are both “healthy” and “sustainable”.

Abokado’s managing director Kara Alderin told The Guardian

“In a few years insects will be a normalised food in our everyday diet,” 

Only last year, English supermarket chain Sainsbury’s started selling grubs as snacks in 250 of its stores.

Packets of Eat Grub’s smoky BBQ crunchy roasted crickets are also now sold from online supermarket Ocado at around $AU3.00 a packet.


Crickets are being promoted as a healthy, protein heavy, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional meat and fish options.

Dr Tilly Collins from Imperial College London claims:

“I hope that eating insects will become more normalised because they have such enormous environmental benefits,” 

“In the Western world we have a sustainability crunch looming where we simply can’t eat the amount of meat we do.

“In developing countries eating insects can be a really important source of nutrition where there’s a real problem with food security.”

Farming insects uses only a fraction of the land, water and feed required for traditional livestock – insects are also estimated to release 80% less methane than cows.


“We can grow insects on food waste so we convert something that is essentially a waste product into a protein,” Dr Collins says.