McDonald’s, everyone’s fave fast-food chain are literally teaming up with everyone’s favourite pyjama makers Peter Alexander to launch a limited-edition range of sleepwear and we’re getting THROWBACKS to Grimace, Birdie and the one and only Hamburglar!!

When you think Maccas, you think red and yellow for obvious reasons, so it goes without saying that we’re gonna see that colour scheme throughout the range.

The line is being released in celebration of 50 years of Maccas in Australia and I honestly, have, in fact,

Amanda Nakad, Marketing Manager, McDonald’s Australia, said: “Ronald, Grimace, Birdie and the Hamburglar are a huge part of our history and we love the sense of nostalgia and fun they bring to making this collection so uniquely Macca’s.”

And she’s absolutely right, when I see the Hamburglar my heart races and my mind goes back to the good old Maccas birthday party days where the most fun you could have was finding straws hidden in the McDonald’s playground whilst chomping down on one too many Maccas cookies and inevitably feeling quite ill.

Peter Alexander, Pyjama King, said: “We’ve brought to life the iconic McDonaldland characters, the retro feel of the 1970s and our signature sleepwear style in a collection that is sure to bring back memories of childhood treats, late-night Macca’s runs and that Big Mac feeling.”


They’re dropping 10 DESIGNS for teens and adults and you can buy them in-store and online until stocks run out!







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