A supermarket shopper has raised a whole bunch of questions after spotting an item on Aldi shelves adorned with a Woolworths logo.

The Queensland customer spotted the Woolies logo on a packet of cocktail frankfurts, taking to Facebook to share the find.

Posting into the popular Aldi Mums Facebook group, the shopper kicked off a debate over where exactly our supermarkets’ food is all coming from.

One commenter wrote that the find proves that there is no difference between cheaper and more expensive products between supermarkets.

“Shows people how the same product is just rebranded and priced differently according to each individual company,” wrote one member of the Facebook group.

The 500g packet of cocktail frankfurts sells for $2.50 at Woolies with a similar item going for $2.39 at Aldi.

We don’t know exactly where the Woolies-branded packet of frankfurts ended up at the Aldi store, but maybe the explanation is as simple as somebody leaving their Woolies cocktail frankfurts on an Aldi shelf?


In a statement, Aldi said: “We are currently working with the store team and encourage customers to contact ALDI directly with any enquiries or issues so we can investigate.”

Not to ruin the conspiracy theories or anything…