Self-isolating never looked so yum! 

It’s not exactly Willy Wonka’s fantastical chocolate factory but hey it’s close. Most of us are stuck at home at the moment so it’s EXACTLY what we all need right now.

The following video is going to be a feature length exploration into how Cadbury’s Easter chocolates are made, from start to finish. 

From the sugarcane fields in Queensland to the dairy farms in Tasmania, the mixing, the packaging, the automation- good god, we may sound nerdy but it’s like stirring something deep within us – pun intended. 


Here’s the trailer, check it out.


It’s like ASMR HEAVEN.

The sounds of the bubbling chocolate, the smoothness of the texture – oh boy!

We’re about to Augustus Gloop and dive right into that vat of melted choccie.

The doco is dropping on SBS on the 11th of April at 7.30pm.

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