We could all use a little more happy faces these days and McCain has come through with the goods… their iconic Smiles frozen potatoes are back!

The iconic mashed potato shapes of a smiley face with a beautifully crispy golden exterior were fun additions to any family meal or canteen lunch. They’ve quietly popped up at Coles for $4 a pack… but this time there is a twist.

They’re now called McCain’s Emotibites and they don’t just smile back at you…


Described as “mashed potato shapes”, you’ll now recognise iconic faces emojis from your iPhone. There may have been a change to the look but we are sure they are just as delicious!

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Concetta’s Food Safari Chapter 1: have you heard of little things called potato smilies? I did when i was a kid.. they were almost a myth.. i’d heard of them but never seen them in the flesh. They seemed too good to be true.. chips…. but they’re faces? My god what can’t they do. Unfortunately i never got the chance to try them, having grown up on only a sensible italian diet (pasta & pizza)…. until now. We fast forward to 2020, when i hear on the grapevine (facebook newsfeed) about EMOTIBITES. Racing to my local coles with my heart pounding, i find my white whale. Being 2020, emojis are how we communicate, faces are dated; yuck. It makes sense that with all of our modern day culinary advancements, oven-baked potato snacks shouldn’t be left behind. Here’s to innovation. Salute! 😘

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Ah McCain, you’ve done it again!

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