Gourmet Fairy Floss by Fluffy Crunch has partnered with Red Rooster and made something real special.

‘The Tropicana’ is a gourmet fairy floss, the flavour inspired by Red Rooster’s Pineapple Fritter!

With the sweet tropical goodness balanced with a pinch of RR’s chicken salt, it might sound a bit weird but now’s the time to be adventurous!

Fluffy Crunch is offering a Tropicana Box which comes with 3 Fluffy Crunch fairy floss creations PLUS a bucket of Tropicana Floss PLUS exclusive Red Rooster merch!

The best part of all of this is that for every Tropicana Box sold, Red Rooster and Fluffy Crunch will be donating the cost of a meal to Foodbank Australia!

So you can get your sugar fix AND feel good about it.

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