Burger chain Hungry Jacks have taken a new spin on their infamous menu offering, and it actually has us drooling!

Following on from the introduction of their meatless whopper, Hungry Jacks have introduced a burger without a patty altogether!

Introducing the Cheesy Bacon Chip Butty! Which is basically heaven wrapped into a burger bun.

If you’ve never smashed your hot chips into a roll with butter and a bit of sauce before, then your life is seriously deprived, but it’s basically a fancy version of this.

The burger is filled to the brim with crunchy french fries, bacon pieces and coated in a cheesy sauce.


And what’s even better? They’re literally only $2!! What a freaking bargain!

You can get your hands on the Cheesy Bacon Chip Butty in Hungry Jacks stores right now, so what are you waiting for? Your lunch is waiting.

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