ALDI is known for its hidden gems, but this new find has shoppers divided.

An image of a new item that was spotted in a store in the UK has made its way to popular Australian Facebook group ALDI Mums. It costs $7.25AUD and would certainly switch things up in the kitchen… ‘Ostrich Fillet Steak.

“How cool would this be for Australia to get?” shopper Wendy said when she shared the photo online.

The find has left potential some customers scratching their heads, with one saying that Ostriches “were not made to be consumed.”

“Cool? I don’t think so. Poor ostriches,” one shopper wrote.

“Eww I agree why would this be even remotely cool to see on the shelves?” another added.


However, others backed Wendy up with positive comments.

“Someone tell me how this is so bad when we sit there happily eating pigs, sheep and cows with no issue?” one debated.

“I think ya’ll opinions are invalid unless you’re a vego or vegan,” a second said.

“This is my favourite! It’s so lean,” a third chimed in.



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