A loaf of bread is one of the most simple grocery items, and according to this social media post, a food that can spark a lot of opinions.

Australian baker and blogger Kate posed a question on her Facebook page, The Pantry Mama – what do you call the end piece of bread?

Let’s just say everyone was a little divided…

“The heel or end,” one wrote.

“My mum calls it the dork end. Have no idea where it comes from as never heard it referred to as that before,” another said.

“The crust… love it when bread is fresh,” a third added.


“The knobby end,” a fourth wrote.

“My son calls it ‘mine’,” a fifth said.

“The fishy bit,” a sixth said.

There were many other variations as well, including the ‘butt’, ‘bird food’ and ‘best bit’.


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