According to one man, we have been eating fish and chips wrong this whole time..

If you thought you should have been eating deep-fried fish with the batter, then you, are apparently wrong.

A columnist for the Guardian noticed a man had left a comment saying ‘’You. Eat. The. Batter?” in her article reviewing fish and chip restaurants in the UK.

The man went onto say “The batter is there to protect the fish during frying, you peel it off, throw it away, then eat the fish!”

“This week’s Guardian restaurant column is about a northern chip shop. This comment has kept me awake. I. I just. What,” Grace Dent wrote, alongside a screenshot of the man’s questionable theory.


“That’s just … it’s just … I don’t actually know what that is. This country is finished. We can’t even eat fish and chips properly anymore,’’ one person responded.

Thankfully, it appears most were against the man’s theory.

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