For everyone who was disappointed by the fact that KFC was trialling their latest creation, a burger made from fried chicken and glazed doughnuts, in just a select few American stores, we have some good news.

This Sydney burger joint has already gone and recreated the unique menu item – and they’ve even upped the anti!

Milky Lane, which originated in Bondi, is known for their insanely delicious burgers and other odd creations, with menu offerings like Chicken Parmigana pizza pockets, LCM Mega Milkshake and the Kevin Bacon Burger.

And so as soon as they saw KFC in America stepping up their game with a creative burger of their own, they were all like “hold my beer”.

“KFC: So we released a Fried Chicken Burg w/ Glazed Donut Buns. But it’s only avail in USA. And select stores,” wrote Milky Lane On Facebook. “Milky Lane: Hold my VB.”


But instead of just replicating the burger, the chefs at Milky Lane have added a few unique ingredients to give the meal an extra kick.

“Not only are we going to deliver this bad boy to you VERY SOON but we’ve added Maple Smoked Bacon and Sriracha to really set it off.”

No word yet on when the Chicken and Doughnuts burger will officially hit stores or even which stores it will appear in, but we are already filling in an application to be the official last tester!

Our bodies are ready! Find all of Milky Lane’s locations here and stay tuned for more info!

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