Is there any greater smell than freshly fried hot chips?

And btw that was a rhetoric question because the answer is clearly HELL NO!

We’re the first to admit that out of all junk food out there, hot chips has to be our one true weaknesses. And if we do buy ourselves a cup of the delicious potato goodness we 100% turn into Joey Tribianni from friends and get majorly protective of them.


And so you can imagine our excitement when we heard this announcement from the good people over at Menulog.

Being the food experts that they are, they understand Australia’s love for hot chippies, and so they’ve decided to give out a whole bunch of them for FREE!


The hot chips giveaway goes down in Sydney tomorrow, but there is a catch…

While we’ve already made it clear that hot chips are one of the greatest smells in Australia, Menulog has decided to launch the first ever ‘Pay by Smell’ Hot Chip Shop for one day and one day only!

Basically what this means is that the location of the pop up chip shop will be secret, and Sydneysiders will have to use their sense of smell to sniff out the freebies.

There will even be some special scent machines deployed in the area to make sure the hot chip smell is strong enough to make it easy to find!

Once you’ve found the Menulog Hot Chip Shop, simply ask the attendant, “Did Somebody Say Menulog?”, and they’ll hand over your free hot chips!

It’s all going down in Sydney tomorrow, Wednesday May 29, from midday! And while the location is technically secret, we have heard a little hint that it’ll be going down somewhere in World Square!


Noses at the ready Sydney!

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