McDonald’s really have hit the nail on the head with their delicious dessert menu item, the humble McFlurry.

While simple, the various flavours offered as toppings on the soft serve ice cream really make the McFlurry the perfect sweet treat.

But that’s just the thing, while Macca’s introduces new flavours all the time, we do get rather upset when they also take some of our favs off the menu.

Well luckily, Macca’s have listened to our cries and they’ve decided to bring back one of our FAVOURITE flavours!

Teaming up with Uber Eats, the fast food giant have today announced that the Apple Pie McFlurry, which combines two of Macca’s best desserts into one spectacular creation, will be making a comeback.

From today until Tuesday July 9, the Apple Pie McFlurry will be available exclusively through the Uber Eats App.

But if you’re one of those unfortunate souls who doesn’t yet have access to Uber Eats in your area, don’t fret! Following this one week period, the Apple Pie McFlurry will be brough back to participating McDonald’s stores from Wednesday July 10 onwards!


So if you’ve been missing the Apple Pie McFlurry as much as we have and are sick of ordering an Apple Pie and Sundae to DIY then you’re in luck!

It all kicks off today! Our bodies are SO ready.

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