McDonalds have announced that it is changing its recipe for its chicken nuggets and other menu items.

They are no longer going to be made with artificial preservatives which means they are removing high-fructose corn syrup from its burger buns, and it’s already happened in Australia.

The changes have come as the world’s biggest burger chain tries to win back customers after three years of declining numbers at its US restaurants.

Michael Jacobson, the executive director of Centre for Social in the Public Interest said the move doesn’t help McDonalds with its big picture problem with calories.

He says that swapping out the high-fructose for sugar doesn’t make the burger buns any healthier.

In the past year alone, McDonalds have switched from butter to margarine for its McMuffins and also added kale and spinach to its salads.

Subway is also making changes, with a rotisserie chicken and carved turkey being added to their menu.


The company said that they are ahead of schedule with their menu revamp.

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