We’ll admit that curing Mondayitis is not always an easy task, but the good people over at McDonald’s are taking a red hot crack at it today!

To celebrate International Burger Day today (Monday 28 May), Macca’s is giving away FREE Big Macs! And if a free burger isn’t enough to put a smile on your dial then we don’t know what will!

But of course, there is catch. You won’t be able to just walk into any old Macca’s store and ask for a free burger. In order to score the free meal you’ll have to download the mymacca’s app that is available for download on iOS via the Apple App Store and on Android through Google Play.

Starting from 11am today, new and existing customers can log onto the mymaccas app, check their MyRewards and from there they can claim one of 300,000 delicious Big Mac burgers for absolutely NOTHING!

Only one free Big Mac is available per customer so don’t go trying to stock up on the free burgs either. But luckily just one of these delicious treats is enough to turn our Monday frowns upside down!

This awesome promotion is also part of McDonald’s 50th anniversary celebration of the iconic Big Mac, which first went on sale in the US in 1968.

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