Okay so we already know that Maccas are bringing back 2 of their old faves to the menu, the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr but were you aware that alongside this menu addition they’re also flogging six limited edition collectible glasses to celebrate their 50th birthday?


Well as of yesterday, for every Medium or Large Mac Family Meal you order, you get a free Maccas drinking glass that each have a unique Maccas-inspired design on them which are SUPER CUTE.

Not just that, they have a super special round-shaped design which means they can roll around if you accidentally knock it but it won’t fall over!

The use this has for a clumsy fool like me??

I’m speechless.

Check out the six Big Mac, Cheese Melt, Loose Fries, Packet Fries, Sesame Seeds and Maccas Cup cup designs below!


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