McDonald’s has announced they’ll be offering crunchy, sweet Aussie onions batter fried to perfection with the choice of a Southern BBQ dipping sauce.

Here’s the catch though…

These onion rings will only be available until February 16th, so you gotta go feast all day, every day and eat as many as you can while you can!

McDonald’s Marketing Manager Amanda Nakad stated “For the first time ever, we’ll be serving-up golden onion rings at restaurants across the country. Made from Australian onions, this new addition to our menu will be accompanied by a Southern BBQ Sauce.”

These bad boys aren’t the only item being added to their menu…. say hello to the Crispy BBQ McOz and the Aussie Angus burgers too!

*wipes away drool*

“Our onion rings will also be served on the all-new Aussie Angus burger, combined with 100% Australian Angus beef and bacon as well as cheese to create a delicious burger we know our customers will enjoy.”


“We’re also giving the much-loved McOz a fresh twist, with the arrival of the Crispy BBQ McOz to our menu. Building on the original, this burger pairs crispy onions and Southern BBQ Sauce with locally-sourced beef and beetroot.”

Don’t mind if I do!