In recent years people have been moving past the traditional tiered wedding cake coated in white marzipan, opting for more current trends like the naked cake look or even something as different as the cheese wedding cake.

But now there’s another option on the block for those looking to mix things up while also saving a few bucks in the process.

The brill people over at Krispy Kreme have launched a new collection of fancy AF doughnuts in their ‘Celebrations’ range and they want you to say ‘I Do’ to them for your big day.

The new designs available to order online are made specifically for parties and special occasions, including a custom-made package for weddings.

The ‘Wedding Dozen’ will only set you back $35 for a pack of twelve with a minimum order of three dozen. And TBH, we reckon your guests would absolutely LOVE to have one of these sweet treats in place of cake during your reception!


But not only do we think they would taste incredible, they actually look super fancy too! These special doughnuts are decorated in white chocolate truffle icing with sprinkles of peal sugar on top.

Krispy Kreme announced the new range in a photo on their Instagram account and the new-take on the wedding cake has since caused a bit of a stir on Social Media with people either loving or hating the idea.

“Honestly, this looks better than a lot of actual wedding cakes I’ve seen,” said one user. “Why was this not around when I got married! 10/10 would do,” wrote another.

But not everyone was onboard with one user writing, “Doughnuts are my favourite dessert ever – that said, I wouldn’t replace my wedding cake with them!”


What do you reckon? Would you make the commitment to wedding doughnuts in place of a cake?

We doughnut mind if we do!