It’s hard to walk past a Kit Kat if you’ve got the choice between chocolate bars, right?

Do a straw poll around the house right now, and we bet you would be hard-pressed to find someone with a bad opinion of the humble Kit Kat.

There’s something about that simple wafer/choc combination that just seems to get everyone on board.

Well now, the much-loved chocky bar has been reimagined as an ice cream and we are all about it.

Actually, the ice cream first launched back in 2019, but the good people at Nestle and Peters have reimagined the treat to taste even more like the original Kit Kat.

The all new ice cream is covered in a milk chocolate coat, featuring wafer pieces throughout with a chocolate and wafer centre.

You’ll be able to pick up packs of four for $8.50 at Woolies and independent supermarkets now and at Coles from May.

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