I am a big egg fan and now Primo has now released scrambled eggs in cups!

The ‘Scrambles‘ range comes in six flavours and boasts that you can have a hot breakfast in just 1 minute!

The method to making it so good?

Step 1: Remove the lid from the cup and empty the content of the sachets into the cup.

Step 2: Crack a fresh egg into the cup, for softer set scrambled eggs add a dash of milk or water.

Step 3: Mix ingredients with a fork until well combined.

Step 4: Cook in microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds. Remove and stir. Cook for a further 30 seconds.


5. Stir and enjoy straight from the cup.

The six flavours mean there’s something for everyone!

  • Super Cheesy Bacon – with quality Primo Bacon, tasty & mozzarella cheese – 40gm
  • Super Cheesy Leg Ham – with quality Primo Leg Ham, tasty & mozzarella cheese – 40gm
  • Bacon, Mushroom & Cheese – with quality Primo Bacon, tasty cheese and mushroom – 35gm
  • Leg Ham, Tomato & Cheese – with quality Primo Leg Ham, tasty cheese and tomato – 35gm
  • Super Cheesy Chicken Breast – with quality Primo Chicken Breast, tasty & mozzarella cheese – 40gm
  • Mild Chorizo, Spinach & Cheese – with quality Primo Chorizo, tasty cheese and spinach – 35gm

Going for roughly $4 a pop at Woolies and various independent supermarkets!