Even if they have been gone for decades, some meals never leave the hearts of Aussies and if the public campaign hard enough, their wish is granted.

Hungry Jack’s has announced the return of their iconic Yumbo burger!

The Yumbo, which is essentially a burger filled with five slices of hot ham and melted cheese, was a hit at the the fast food chain in the 70’s and 80’s. Sadly for fans, it was taken off the menu in 1991 and never seen since.

However, to celebrate Hungry Jack’s’ 50th birthday, the franchise is pleased to see the burger return for just $3 a pop with the official launch at the first ever store in Innaloo, Perth this weekend.

On social media, an ex-employee described the Yumbo burger as “the best – easiest to make too.”

The burgers will be available at all Australian stores.

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