Each year VIVID takes over Sydney and sees the city covered in bright and colourful lights.

But this year it’s not just the buildings that are getting a glow-up! Some of the food on offer is too!

And as a result, one of Sydney’s fav dumpling chains have unveiled a special edition to their menu.

We’re not talking about your average dumplings here. We’re talking ginormous RAINBOW coloured dumplings!

The colourful dumplings can be found at Din Tai Fung throughout the VIVID lights festival which kicks off this Friday!


And when we say ginormous dumplings, we mean it! These bad boys are literally SEVEN TIMES bigger than the usual variety on offer at the chain.

They sound simply scrumptious too with the colourful outer layer holding in a rich broth filled with seafood and pork.

The dumplings will cost $9.80 and will be available from all Din Tai Fung stores in Sydney and Melbourne between Friday May 24 and Thursday June 6!