Two of Homer Simpsons favourite things are about to become one – beer and doughnuts.

But there’s just one catch…

You’ll have to travel to Perth to get your hands on the brew.

On July 20, the holy trinity of Mary Street Bakery, Eagle Bay Brewing and Mane Liquor will release the Imperial Donut Stout.

In a statement on their website, Eagle Bay Brewing said that traditional-style cinnamon doughnuts were used to make a “wintery brew perfect for beer-lovers wanting something a little different.”

Making the limited-edition Donut Attack beer was, according to head brewer Nick d’Espeissis, “a lot of fun”.


 “Mary Street Bakery brought us down 150 donuts, which we split across two different mashes, along with some extra cinnamon quills to add to the taste,” he said.

The starch from the doughnuts were used as part of the fermentation process.

“Some of the ingredients might have found their way into the brewing team’s bellies at some point as well,” d’Espeissis admitted.

“Definitely a great experience.”

The brewer describes Donut Attack as a heavy beer with doughy characteristics and sweet notes.

The perfect pairing, clearly, would have to be 64 slices of American cheese…



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