Seems like Gen Z don’t need our cookbooks because social media platform Tiktok is providing any knowledge they could possibly need to sustain their little bodies.

Right now the ‘Pasta Chips’ trend ripping through the app and honestly, it’s not so bad.

It’s as simple as air frying your favourite pasta and making a dip of your choice to create the perfect crunchy chip ‘n’ dip combo.

The glorious C R U N C H that comes out of Tiktoker Feel Good Foodie’s video below gives me chills.

She starts by boiling up her Rigatoni then mixing in olive oil, parmesan cheese, spices (of your choice)- I guess it depends on what dip you’re going to make!

Then pop them into an air-fryer and fry at 200 Degrees Celcius for 10 minutes (I did the conversion from Fahrenheit for you.)

Feel Good Foodie made a whipped feta dip which you can get the recipe for below but honestly, the world is your oyster!


Get creative, you can’t go wrong!


#pastachips are my new favorite chips! They’re so good and make the best appetizer! #pastatiktok #summertime

♬ Music Food (Director Cut Mix) – Chad


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